Here is a listing of all reference files provided by our seminar leaders so far. This page is available to desktop browsers at Please visit this page regularly as they continue to add content. If viewing on a mobile device, we recommend rotating to landscape.

Filename Type Size Added
Glenna Shaw <Directory> <Directory> Sep 25
Heather Ackmann <Directory> <Directory> Sep 25
John Rahmlow <Directory> <Directory> Sep 19
Julie Terberg <Directory> <Directory> Sep 25
Lia Barnakova <Directory> <Directory> Oct 1
Lori Chollar <Directory> <Directory> Sep 25
Mike Parkinson <Directory> <Directory> Sep 22
Nolan Haims <Directory> <Directory> Oct 1
Richard Goring <Directory> <Directory> Oct 2
Rick Altman <Directory> <Directory> Sep 21
Sally Zimney <Directory> <Directory> Oct 1
Stephanie Lewis <Directory> <Directory> Sep 14
Tom Howell <Directory> <Directory> Oct 3
Troy Chollar <Directory> <Directory> Oct 1
schedule.pdf PDF Document 120 KB Aug 30